Webinars are programs (generally an hour in length) featuring presentations and discussions by expert panels on a particular subject. Webinar FAQ

  • In the latest edition of The Markup with Matt Hourihan, AAAS’s lead R&D budget analyst takes a look President Barak Obama's FY 2017 budget proposal. The budget abides by the agreed-upon discretionary cap of $1.07 trillion in FY 2017, but adds on top of that base a package of proposals to be financed through new mandatory spending, which would not be subject to the spending caps. »

  • Back in December, Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that President Barack Obama signed into law. It was good news for research and development appropriations as most science agencies saw their funding boosted back to pre-sequestration budget levels, even adjusted for inflation. In the latest edition of The Markup with Matt Hourihan, AAAS’s lead R&D budget analyst reviews expenditures for FY 2016 and highlights some of the big winners; NASA, NIH, and more! »

  • AAAS hosted a webinar on November 18th, with four female faculty and STEM researchers affiliated with minority-serving institutions, who were awarded travel grants to attend the gender summit 7 (GS7) in Germany in November, 2015. The awardees were invited as panelists during the webinar: Dr. Grazyna Badowski (University of Guam), Dr. Lymari Fuentes-Claudio (Universidad Metropolitana, Puerto Rico), Dr. Cynthia Waters (North Caroline A&T State University) and Dr. Amber Wise (Chicago State University). »

  • Female faculty/STEM researchers affiliated with minority-serving institutions, who attended the gender summit 6 (GS6) in Korea in August, 2015, discuss their networking efforts to find potential collaborators interested in developing jointly international research projects. »

  • Are you thinking about establishing a tech startup? Not sure if you have what it takes to get seed funding and bring your idea to market? Review this panel discussion with leading tech entrepreneurs and incubators who have turned ideas into successful businesses. »

  • Are you interested in expanding your science policy resources and networks? Considering a sabbatical year opportunity that will give you hands-on federal policy experience?  Watch this webinar and learn more about the fellowships. »

  • This informational webinar from AAAS discusses the importance of public engagement and how the Leshner Leadership Institute is preparing mid-career scientists to serve as public engagement leaders in their communities. »

  • Learn how fellows impact policy initiatives on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies, and the judicial branch—and how you can apply your psychology, anthropology, sociology or economics  background to transform your career. »

  • Summer break is now officially under way for the House, with lawmakers expected to be out until September 8. In the latest edition of The Markup with Matt Hourihan, AAAS’s lead R&D budget analyst takes a look at how science has fared in the appropriations cycle so far. Hourihan reviews funding priorities in the president's budget, where things stand with appropriations, and what to expect when Congress returns after their 5-week break. »

  • The program “Mentoring Women in International Research Collaborations in STEM (MWIRC),” recently hosted a webinar to showcase collaborator-mentee perspectives in international research. Highlighted are, Katherine Young, a biology grad student at New Mexico State University working in the lab of Kathryn A Hanley, and Audie K. Thompson, visiting professor in chemical engineering at Prairie View A&M University. »