Webinars are programs (generally an hour in length) featuring presentations and discussions by expert panels on a particular subject.

  • Are you interested in expanding your science policy resources and networks? Considering a sabbatical year opportunity that will give you hands-on federal policy experience? Watch this video based chat session on the AAAS Science & Technology (S&T) Policy Fellowship program and application process for the 2015-16 fellowship year. »

  • Midcareer scientists have much to contribute and gain from the AAAS Science & Technology (S&T) Policy Fellowship experience! In this video webinar session, midcareer current and alumni fellows discuss their fellowship experience and answer questions about the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship program and application process for the 2015-16 fellowship class. »

  • Getting published is one of the critical milestones in any research career. Whether you’re submitting to peer-reviewed journals, or open-access titles, your ability to attract funding, get tenure, or even land an interview at a biotech firm, can depend on what you have published. With so much at stake, it’s critical to understand the ins-and-outs of the publishing process.

  • Industrial research and development offers scientists an increasingly wide range of career opportunities—from bench researcher to team leader, and from clinical trials to product marketing. Transitioning from an academic environment to the fast-paced world of industry takes a specific set of skills.

  • Running a lab is the ultimate goal for many early-career scientists, but building a lab that will eventually produce research is often a difficult process. Laboratories come with a host of financial needs and responsibilities. While lab apprenticeships provide training, and mentors offer invaluable advice, there are likely to remain gaps in your lab startup knowledge.

    In this webinar you will learn from PIs who have successfully started labs and now want to help the next generation of scientists navigate the process. »

  • Being able to effectively communicate your science is an essential part of being a successful researcher, whether you are giving an address at a seminar, a job talk for an academic position, or presenting a poster at a conference. If you are struggling to find your voice, or simply need to refine your skills, this installment of the AAAS Career Webinar series can help. »

  • In this webinar, you will learn firsthand from accomplished Ph.D.s who have successfully navigated a career outside of the research realm. They’ll talk about their own experiences, examine a range of career options open to STEM professionals across different sectors, and discuss the analytic, communication and teamworking skills needed for these kinds of roles. »

  • Nikola Tesla's inventions help power our modern world, and yet he is not well known to the public. Now a new generation is rediscovering Tesla and is working to make sure his contributions to society are not forgotten. In this hour-long webinar, a panel of Tesla experts discuss his turbulent life, his inventions and his legacy. »

  • This webinar takes viewers on a fascinating and insightful journey into the mind and world of Alexander Graham Bell. Find out how he turned a keen sense of sound into a revolutionary device, listen to Bell's own voice -- recently recovered from early recordings, and watch a Bell-inspired kite take flight off the coast of Normandy. »

  • The TED staff offers tips and advice on how to give effective presentations. Whether you are an established scientist or just starting out in your career, AAAS and TED want to help you be a science communicator. »