Webinars are programs (generally an hour in length) featuring presentations and discussions by expert panels on a particular subject. Webinar FAQ

  • You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Well, the current job market is no exception. In any job search, whether you’re a civil engineer or physics postdoc, having know-how and connections are important to finding a great new job. »

  • Are you considering taking your idea and turning into a business but wonder how to do it? Perhaps you are already in the process of forming a startup and have hit snag. No matter where you are on the road to being an entrepreneur, you’ll need advice and guidance along they way. »

  • Do you have strong analytical skills and an understanding of complex technologies and their applications? Are you interested in a career that doesn’t limit you to working in a research lab? Then this webinar is for you! »

  • The Markup with Matt Hourihan is a new series of occasional updates on science funding in Congress, featuring AAAS’s resident R&D budget guru. In this premiere edition, Hourihan runs down how science funding has fared in the current appropriations cycle.  »

  • Working in a lab can be one of the most fulfilling opportunities for researchers. But are you ready for a new challenge? Then consider a role in project management or university administration and develop your skills in fulfilling new directions. Watch this webinar and get an exclusive look at how to make a successful career transition from the lab to management. »

  • Want to contribute your science knowledge to directly address societal challenges? Are you intrigued by the policy making process and seeking a way to develop science policy skills? Learn how you too can have a monumental fellowship experience! »

  • Are you interested in expanding your science policy resources and networks? Considering a sabbatical year opportunity that will give you hands-on federal policy experience? Watch this video based chat session on the AAAS Science & Technology (S&T) Policy Fellowship program and application process for the 2015-16 fellowship year. »

  • Midcareer scientists have much to contribute and gain from the AAAS Science & Technology (S&T) Policy Fellowship experience! In this video webinar session, midcareer current and alumni fellows discuss their fellowship experience and answer questions about the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship program and application process for the 2015-16 fellowship class. »

  • Getting published is one of the critical milestones in any research career. Whether you’re submitting to peer-reviewed journals, or open-access titles, your ability to attract funding, get tenure, or even land an interview at a biotech firm, can depend on what you have published. With so much at stake, it’s critical to understand the ins-and-outs of the publishing process.

  • Industrial research and development offers scientists an increasingly wide range of career opportunities—from bench researcher to team leader, and from clinical trials to product marketing. Transitioning from an academic environment to the fast-paced world of industry takes a specific set of skills.