Webinars are programs (generally an hour in length) featuring presentations and discussions by expert panels on a particular subject. Webinar FAQ

  • The program “Mentoring Women in International Research Collaborations in STEM (MWIRC),” recently hosted a webinar to showcase collaborator-mentee perspectives in international research. Highlighted are, Katherine Young, a biology grad student at New Mexico State University working in the lab of Kathryn A Hanley, and Audie K. Thompson, visiting professor in chemical engineering at Prairie View A&M University. »

  • Are you interested in connecting your background in engineering, computer science and/or math to public policy? Want to transform your career by using your training to address societal challenges? Watch this webinar and learn more about the fellowships. »

  • Home to world-class research institutions where U.S. scientists can receive postdoctoral training, as well as funding to run their own laboratories, both Europe and China could be the career destination for you! Learn about opportunities overseas by watch this webinar now. »

  • Watch this webinar and learn how fellows impact policy initiatives on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies, and the judicial branch -- and how you can apply your health and/or medical sciences background to transform your career. »

  • Panelists discuss their experiences in collaborating with researchers abroad while also mentoring students and helping them nurture similar relationships. They highlight the benefits of such international collaborations and also the challenges faced. »

  • Chat with Fellows: Learn how you can be a policy fellow

    Review this chat session where you'll learn how fellows impact science policy initiatives on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies, and the judicial branch—and how you can apply your science and engineering background to transform your career. »

  • In the latest edition of The Markup with Matt Hourihan, AAAS’s lead R&D budget analyst walks us through the funding targets of the 2015 America COMPETES Act. He is joined by Erin Heath, associate director of the AAAS Office of Government Relations, who reviews some of the bill's policy components. »

  • Let’s face it, if you’re a PI juggling teaching and research, among various other duties, writing a grant proposal can feel like a burdensome, daunting imposition on your time. But it doesn’t have to be! Available on-demand, this discussion on grantsmanship will have you working smarter, not harder. »

  • This webinar explores connections between human rights and linguistics, including protecting the rights of speakers of local languages, ethical linguistic research practices, case studies of human rights advocacy in the linguistic sphere and protecting linguists whose rights have been violated. It was hosted as part of an ongoing series of webinars by the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition exploring connections between science and human rights. »

  • The Markup with Matt Hourihan is a series of occasional updates on science funding in Congress, featuring AAAS’s lead R&D budget analyst. In this second edition, Hourihan provides a short overview of spending proposals for science agencies in the president’s FY 2016 budget request, and takes a look at how broader changes in the discretionary budget may help or hurt R&D spending. »