At AAAS we believe that science can make the world a better place.

As global citizens, the challenges we face have never seemed greater than they do today. Climate change, chronic and emerging diseases, rising food costs, population pressures, environmental degradation, and continued over-reliance on fossil fuels are just some of the issues we all face in one form or another.

At AAAS, we believe that many of the solutions to these problems will come from science and technology. Yet, science has rarely encountered the levels of public skepticism and uncertain funding conditions that exist today. It is only by addressing these political and cultural issues that we can set the stage for scientists and engineers to make the progress and have the impact we so urgently need.

This means we must convince governments not only to support science, but also to enact sound policies that help translate scientific findings into effective solutions to our major problems. At the same time, the public must be engaged and empowered to understand the benefits that science and technology can deliver. Perhaps most importantly, it means that educational systems need to be optimized to train not just the next generation of researchers and engineers, but a generation of citizens who are comfortable and familiar with scientific ideas and principles. This is where AAAS comes in.

Every day, subsets of AAAS’s over 120,000 global members, alongside our dedicated staff, work to:

  • engage with policymakers to strengthen governmental commitment to science
  • develop curricula that can guide the education of the next generation of researchers and lead to a science literate citizenry
  • increase the dialogue around science between scientists and the general public
  • provide free tools and information to individual scientists so that they can develop long and fruitful careers

Now, more than ever, AAAS needs people like you to join with us and lend your support to our efforts on behalf of scientists, engineers, and concerned citizens everywhere. Join us. Together we can make a difference.