Orienteering for Industry, a career guide Orienteering for Industry: How to Study Up, Stand Out and Get a Job Download May 4, 2015 Wonder how to transition from academia to industry? Wish you could stand out from the competition?  Download this free, 30-page career booklet for the latest information on successful job hunting in industry. You'll discover how to rebrand yourself, look for hidden jobs, give great interviews and fine-tune your career goals. Plus, you’ll hear from entrepreneurs, recruiters, and industry leaders, who share their personal insights on what it takes to succeed in industry. Special features include: Coping with campus controversy: A guideline for scientists Driving Force July 30, 2015 The recent spate of campus controversies involving scientists’ public conduct—behavior and language—has triggered demands for organizational actions that punish swiftly. Whether it’s the deceit of fabricated research data, lingering Deploy data-driven messaging to swell the ranks of women in engineering Driving Force June 22, 2015 Any gathering of scientists or engineers will sooner or later gravitate to a discussion of data. At a time of heightened sensibility about the technical workforce and the persistent inequity in opportunities to join it, data take on an urgency of purpose—not just informing, but systematizing what we know, and potentially stigmatizing those supporting the status quo. Debunking the science of snap judgments Debunking the science of snap judgments Driving Force May 26, 2015 For weeks, psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s 2011 bestselling book, “Thinking Fast and Slow,” sat on my nightstand as I tried to dive deeper into it—to no avail. Why, I wondered, was this such a chore? Especially since the book focuses on unconscious bias, a subject of keen interest to me. Mentoring women in international research collaborations Podcast January 00, 1970 Panelists discuss their experiences in collaborating with researchers abroad while also mentoring students and helping them nurture similar relationships. They highlight the benefits of such international collaborations and also the challenges faced. Enter the 2015 Green Talents Competition Enter the 2015 Green Talents Competition Tuesday, May 19, 2015 The Green Talents Competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is searching for up-and-coming scientists in the field of sustainable development. Selected as one of the 25 awardees you are invited to visit the hot spots of German sustainability research and establish a unique network with peers and experts. The 2015 award includes: Notes from a recruiter's playbook on industry job searching Notes from a recruiter's playbook on industry job searching Driving Force May 29, 2015 These comments are from the career webinar, Working in Industry, a MemberCentral exclusive. Dave Jensen is a recruiter who writes the monthly career tips and techniques column, “Tooling Up,” for Science Careers. Elisabet de los Pinos: Growing a startup from scratch, with help from a postdoc Biotech pioneer innovates startup workplace with help from postdoc Driving Force August 6, 2015 Elisabet de los Pinos, Ph.D.Founder and CEOAura Biosciences, Cambridge, MA Background:Molecular biologist Elisabet de los Pinos was just 37 when she had the novel idea to use viral proteins to deliver cancer-killing drugs directly to tumor cells—to enhance the efficacy and reduce the toxic side effects of traditional chemotherapies. To sound out her theory, she turned to the world’s top virologists, who encouraged her to develop the technology. Careers in biostatistics: Where big data and bioscience meet Careers in biostatistics: Where big data and bioscience meet Driving Force May 8, 2015 The ease of collecting data in recent years has inspired a variety of fast-growing, cross-disciplinary fields. With a projected growth of as much as 27 percent by the year 2022, biostatistics touches on many realms of science, with an unlimited number of applications and job functions in private industries, government labs and academia. It attracts those who want to apply a love of math to a career with a direct impact on public health. Strategies for Bridging the Academia-Industry Gap Strategies for bridging the academia-industry gap Driving Force June 30, 2015 Students who decide to make a last-minute leap from academia to industry often find themselves in an academia-industry career gap, struggling to land their first jobs in fields for which they have been inadequately trained.