AAAS BOO-LECULAR STENCIL - Lightbulb AAAS Boo-lecular stencil - Lightbulb Download October 30, 2014 IT'S PUMPKIN CARVING TIME!This Halloween, show your love for Science with a AAAS pumpkin carving stencil.Free to download now! Exploring Careers at the Intersection of Science, Law & Business Podcast January 00, 1970 Do you have strong analytical skills and an understanding of complex technologies and their applications? Are you interested in a career that doesn’t limit you to working in a research lab? Then this webinar is for you! Physicist Elizabeth Simmons 5 Things About Me: Physicist Elizabeth Simmons Member Spotlight July 23, 2014 Particle theorist Elizabeth Simmons discovered her passion for physics as a high schooler in a summer astronomy program. Simmons enjoys fencing, baking bread, and appreciating great art—when she’s not working as a scholar, educator or dean. Patricia Burchat Stanford's Patricia Burchat merges engineering and physics to create new major Member Spotlight June 12, 2014 If there is one thing Stanford University professor Patricia Burchat loves more than physics, it's teaching physics. In high school, the subject came naturally and she often found herself imagining how she would explain scientific or math concepts to her classmates. "I was always thinking, 'I think they would understand it if it was explained this way,'" she said. EPiQS experimental investigator competition launched Thursday, March 13, 2014 The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation today announced a new experimental investigator program within its Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EpiQS) initiative. The experimental investigator program aims to boost discovery-driven research in the physics of quantum materials by providing a group of leading experimental scientists with substantial, flexible funding that gives them the freedom to explore and, if needed, change research directions. The experimental investigator awards will focus on people, rather than particular research topics, materials or techniques, and the awards are expected to relieve some of the leading scientists in the field from pressures and constraints of the current funding environment, thus maximizing their creativity. The investigators will become part of the EPiQS integrated research program that will involve experimental investigations, materials synthesis, theoretical research and a variety of collaboration- and community-building activities. Finding dark matter with light 2014 Annual Meeting: Finding dark matter with light Monday, February 17, 2014 It has long been hypothesized that a large portion of the universe is comprised of dark matter, although it remains elusive and unseen. Through its gravitational interactions with stars and gas, we can deduce that galaxies are swaddled in vast clouds of the stuff. Unfortunately, its tendency to interact very weakly, if at all, with ordinary matter makes it extremely difficult to examine experimentally. It’s never been observed any way other than through its gravitational pull.  AAAS members selected 'most influential' by Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Twenty-three AAAS members were amongst the scientists selected as "The 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today," by, "a leading resource for prospective students seeking a college or university degree," according to Wayne Downs, the site's managing editor.  The electrifying world of Nikola Tesla Podcast January 00, 1970 Nikola Tesla's inventions help power our modern world, and yet he is not well known to the public. Now a new generation is rediscovering Tesla and is working to make sure his contributions to society are not forgotten. In this hour-long webinar, a panel of Tesla experts discuss his turbulent life, his inventions and his legacy. AAAS members needed for educational videos Monday, January 13, 2014 Want to be featured in a major media outlet's new batch of educational videos? They are creating 100 3-minute science videos for high schoolers on advanced science topics, aimed at above-average high school science students. The videos will be incorporated into the media outlet's online educational assets and distributed to schools and educators via their websites and outreach. Topic areas include physics, chemistry and earth science. New $1.5 million award for scientists working on big data New $1.5 million award for scientists working on big data Thursday, January 9, 2014 The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced an open call for applications for its brand-new Data-Driven Discovery Investigator competition. The foundation’s science program expects to offer about 15 awards this year to selected investigators at ~$1.5 million each ($200-300K/year for five years).