Science relaunches website Science relaunches website Tuesday, January 12, 2016, AAAS's online flagship journal, Science, has a brand new look that incorporates many new features as well as existing online elements from the more recent journals in the Science family. The site rolled over on Tuesday, around 1:00 p.m. STEM funding and research opportunities on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 The Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP) is a nonprofit funded by the National Science Foundation.  Our website, is a great one-stop-shop portal resource for finding paid summer research, graduate programs, fellowships and scholarships, and professional development materials for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. AAAS CEO Rush Holt at the AAAS Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta AAAS Town Hall Meeting seeks input on how association can better serve society Thursday, October 1, 2015 AAAS CEO Rush Holt met with AAAS members, donors, and others in Atlanta, Georgia to seek input on how the association can better serve society and become a more effective advocate for the scientific community. AAAS STEM volunteers needed in Georgia AAAS Serves August 17, 2015 Project REFOCUS, a AAAS national STEM-volunteer program at the University of Georgia, is looking for retired or working STEM professionals to assist K-12 teachers in the Clarke County (GA) School District in the 2015-16 school year. Volunteers can interact with students on investigations and classwork, plan activities jointly with the teachers, and be a resource for teachers and students. Volunteers must commit to 30 hours (about 2 hours each week) in the classroom each semester. VIDEO: James Kakalios uses comic superheros to teach science Video March 10, 2015 University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios grew up reading comic books. He was a fan of The Flash, Spiderman and The Fantastic Four, among others. In 2001, he taught a freshman seminar that focused on the physics of superheroes as a way to motivate students. The course was wildly popular and lead to his authoring two books on the subject, The Physics of Superheroes and The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics. Astronomer Lynn Cominsky 5 Things About Me: Astronomer Lynn Cominsky Member Spotlight February 25, 2015 Lynn Cominsky is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation of scientists. Her group has helped to train over 65,000 teachers in innovative ways to teach astrophysics. When she’s not working, she enjoys caring for a menagerie of animals at her ranch and launching rockets in the desert.   NextGen VOICES survey: What was missing from your science education? Monday, October 13, 2014 Answer our latest NextGen VOICES survey and get featured in Science. The questions is: What was missing from your science education? Name and describe a course that would have better prepared you for your science career. Your course can be as serious (“Preventing Plagiarism 239”) or as quirky (“Handwriting for Physicians 101”) as you choose. Feel free to be creative!To submit, go to: Mentor the next generation of scientists AAAS Serves September 8, 2014 Science education non- profit Iridescent recently launched a new version of their online project based learning and mentoring platform the Curiosity Machine. This learning experience includes videos of scientists and design challenges. A key aspect of the design challenges is that students upload pictures and videos, along with textual responses about their learning, and receive individualized feedback from mentors. Susan Levine traces kids' math skills back to early parent-talk Susan Levine traces kids' math skills back to early parent-talk Member Spotlight August 21, 2014 When AAAS Fellow Susan Levine conducted a study of conversations between parents and children, she expected to learn more about the effect of parent-talk on children’s language development. Instead, she discovered something that intrigued her even more and changed the course of her research career: the ways parents and kids talked (or didn’t talk) about mathematics. June SB&F June SB&F Download June 17, 2014 The June issue of SB&F contains a special feature on combatting the summer learning loss experienced by K-12 students.