Peter Hancock is in tune with technology Peter Hancock is in tune with technology Member Spotlight December 31, 2014 It’s a challenge keeping up with the thoughts of Peter Hancock, a pioneering researcher in cognitive engineering and human performance. His work combines philosophy, invention, and the study of human factors to help improve everything from highway construction to customer service. Vivian Weil, a thinker among techies Vivian Weil, a thinker among techies Member Spotlight November 21, 2014 Engineers were at the heart of the recent scandal at General Motors (GM) over a defective ignition switch that may have caused more than 30 deaths. Engineers developed the switch, realized it was faulty, approved it anyway, then apparently replaced it with an upgraded switch without recording the change, making its use difficult to track. Exploring Careers at the Intersection of Science, Law & Business Podcast January 00, 1970 Do you have strong analytical skills and an understanding of complex technologies and their applications? Are you interested in a career that doesn’t limit you to working in a research lab? Then this webinar is for you! VIDEO: Microbes eating away nation's sewer systems Video April 23, 2014 Tremendous numbers and diverse species of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa exist in the air, in water systems, and on surfaces, forming microbial communities or “microbiomes.” All of the environments we build contain microbiomes: houses, offices, stores, hospitals, modes of transportation, and more. AAAS members selected 'most influential' by Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Twenty-three AAAS members were amongst the scientists selected as "The 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today," by, "a leading resource for prospective students seeking a college or university degree," according to Wayne Downs, the site's managing editor.  Luis Nunes Amaral's world of networks Luis Nunes Amaral's world of networks Member Spotlight January 24, 2014 Physicist Luis Nunes Amaral thinks nothing of jumping the fence from his own field to work in others—biology, engineering, and computer science, to name a few.“Throughout my career, people have told me to focus,” he says, adding, “Recently, though, they have stopped.” Hydrogen: The slow slog to zero emission energy Hydrogen: The slow slog to zero emission energy In Depth January 28, 2014 Around three years ago, a doctoral student, somewhat by accident, made a small discovery that could one day change the entire energy economy: a unique thermal reaction between two compounds. The electrifying world of Nikola Tesla Podcast January 00, 1970 Nikola Tesla's inventions help power our modern world, and yet he is not well known to the public. Now a new generation is rediscovering Tesla and is working to make sure his contributions to society are not forgotten. In this hour-long webinar, a panel of Tesla experts discuss his turbulent life, his inventions and his legacy. Your chance to be featured in Science Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Answer this question: If you had 5 extra hours per week to devote to advocacy for science, how would you use that time? at Make sure to enter by the 14th February.  A selection of the best responses will be published in the April 4th issue of Science. See results from the last survey at VIDEO: Up close with shuttle Discovery Video December 30, 2013 Thirty-nine missions to space over the course of nearly 30 years, the space shuttle Discovery far exceeded NASA's goals of helping expand our knowledge and exploration of space. Discovery was retired from service on March 9, 2011 and now is on public view at the National Air and Space Museum's Steven F.