S&T policy fellowship opportunities for engineering, computer science and/or math applicants Podcast January 00, 1970 Are you interested in connecting your background in engineering, computer science and/or math to public policy? Want to transform your career by using your training to address societal challenges? Watch this webinar and learn more about the fellowships. Deb Niemeier turns civil engineering into activism Deb Niemeier turns civil engineering into activism Member Spotlight June 25, 2015 Growing up in El Paso, Texas, in the 1960s and ’70s, Deb Niemeier would watch as the nearby Asarco copper smelter belched its smoky plumes, blanketing the city in a murky haze. Decades later, amid concerns about heightened local levels of lead, zinc, and arsenic, the truth emerged: Asarco had been illegally burning hazardous materials. Niemeier, now a AAAS Fellow, says the notorious polluter spurred her career. “It was just so awful,” she says. “That’s probably where it started.” Enter the 2015 Green Talents Competition Enter the 2015 Green Talents Competition Tuesday, May 19, 2015 The Green Talents Competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is searching for up-and-coming scientists in the field of sustainable development. Selected as one of the 25 awardees you are invited to visit the hot spots of German sustainability research and establish a unique network with peers and experts. The 2015 award includes:
Gear design
by ALIREZA REZAEI 18 weeks 3 days ago

I had few questions about gear design methods and "AGMA"

VIDEO: Writing to get published Video March 16, 2015 Do you know the three C's of crafting a manuscript? According to Raeka Aiyar, communications and engagement manager at Genetics Society of America, they are: centralize, conceptualize and criticize. While getting her Ph.D. in genetics, Aiyar, helped many scientists in her lab prepare manuscripts for publication. Subsequently, she was hired by the lab to continue in this role, where she developed an excellent set of do's and don'ts aimed at increasing a researcher’s odds of getting published. Engineering student wonders how to prepare for a future in technology policy Ask A Member March 13, 2015 Q: AAAS member Marc Canellas of the Georgia Institute of Technology asks: I'm a Ph.D. student in aerospace engineering. How can I best prepare for a future in technology policy and what careers are available? A: AAAS Fellow Fred E. Saalfeld, Board of Regents and Senior Research Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, responds: If I were just getting my Ph.D. and wanted to be in policy, I would hitch my star to a congressperson in my technical areas and on one of the congressional committees that funds the aerospace industry and S&T. VIDEO: James Kakalios uses comic superheros to teach science Video March 10, 2015 University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios grew up reading comic books. He was a fan of The Flash, Spiderman and The Fantastic Four, among others. In 2001, he taught a freshman seminar that focused on the physics of superheroes as a way to motivate students. The course was wildly popular and lead to his authoring two books on the subject, The Physics of Superheroes and The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics. Peter Hancock is in tune with technology Peter Hancock is in tune with technology Member Spotlight December 31, 2014 It’s a challenge keeping up with the thoughts of Peter Hancock, a pioneering researcher in cognitive engineering and human performance. His work combines philosophy, invention, and the study of human factors to help improve everything from highway construction to customer service. Vivian Weil, a thinker among techies Vivian Weil, a thinker among techies Member Spotlight November 21, 2014 Engineers were at the heart of the recent scandal at General Motors (GM) over a defective ignition switch that may have caused more than 30 deaths. Engineers developed the switch, realized it was faulty, approved it anyway, then apparently replaced it with an upgraded switch without recording the change, making its use difficult to track. Exploring Careers at the Intersection of Science, Law & Business Podcast January 00, 1970 Do you have strong analytical skills and an understanding of complex technologies and their applications? Are you interested in a career that doesn’t limit you to working in a research lab? Then this webinar is for you!