Will a name change make NIH research center less controversial? Capitol Connection February 19, 2015 A controversial National Institutes of Health center has a new name. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is now the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). Could a name change help give the center more credibility? Julia Moore champions scientists as communicators Julia Moore champions scientists as communicators Member Spotlight January 9, 2015 Long before there were workshops and conferences about science communication, there was Julia Moore. The AAAS Fellow and communication expert has spent a long and distinguished career in Washington, D.C., working on a variety of science and public health issues from nuclear arms to nanotechnology. Along the way, Moore developed a few theories about policy and communication that have proven true for her again and again. They go like this:   A tribute to AAAS Fellow Joseph F. Coates The science of looking ahead: A tribute to AAAS Fellow Joseph F. Coates Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Some people just see farther. For a “consulting futurist,” foresight would seem to be mandatory. For AAAS Fellow Joseph F. Coates, who died October 16 at age 85, the scientific study of what’s beyond the visible horizon yielded a career that combined brilliance, effrontery and a legion of devotees.   AAAS BOO-LECULAR STENCIL – I Love Science AAAS Boo-lecular stencil – I Love Science Download October 30, 2014 IT'S PUMPKIN CARVING TIME! This Halloween, show your love for Science with a AAAS pumpkin carving stencil. Free to download now! NASA Communications Consultant Linda Billings 5 Things About Me: NASA Communications Consultant Linda Billings Member Spotlight July 17, 2014 AAAS Fellow Linda Billings has a unique job that combines her love of science and her background as a journalist. When she isn't busy consulting about communication issues for NASA's astrobiology and near-Earth object programs, she can be found listening to Jimi Hendrix or Lila Downs.  Tim McClanahan works to save coral reefs using the language of science Tim McClanahan works to save coral reefs using the language of science Member Spotlight July 14, 2014 Sometimes scientific data can be used to tell both sides of a story. Sometimes it’s the very thing that bridges divided interests, offering real-world solutions that speak where words have failed. AAAS member Tim McClanahan was banking on that in 1994 when he invited a disgruntled group of traditional Kenyan fishermen to meet with him and marine resource managers to try to hash out new fisheries management practices. He was stepping into the middle of a fire storm. Getting Published: Finding collaborators, submitting papers, and the review process Podcast January 00, 1970 Getting published is one of the critical milestones in any research career. Whether you’re submitting to peer-reviewed journals, or open-access titles, your ability to attract funding, get tenure, or even land an interview at a biotech firm, can depend on what you have published. With so much at stake, it’s critical to understand the ins-and-outs of the publishing process. High-Level Scientific Talks: How to give powerful, dynamic presentations to further your career Podcast January 00, 1970 Being able to effectively communicate your science is an essential part of being a successful researcher, whether you are giving an address at a seminar, a job talk for an academic position, or presenting a poster at a conference. If you are struggling to find your voice, or simply need to refine your skills, this installment of the AAAS Career Webinar series can help. Academics and the Wild West of social media Academics and the Wild West of social media Driving Force April 15, 2014 I am a big proponent of academic scientists using social media (see 10 ways scientists can benefit from Twitter and How to start sharing your science on social media). Yet, I’ve also become more aware of the potential risks associated with the use of these new forms of communication. In this post I will share some cautionary tales about social media use as well as some thoughts on how to avoid such problems. Communicating science: Still talking to ourselves? Driving Force March 31, 2014 With the resurrection this month of "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" on ten networks, the spirit of Carl Sagan’s work (one of my heroes) has again penetrated public consciousness. We used to hear about popularizers and public intellectuals. Explaining—no, demonstrating—examples of how science works was a gallant experiment in demystification.