Mentoring women in international research collaborations Podcast January 00, 1970 Panelists discuss their experiences in collaborating with researchers abroad while also mentoring students and helping them nurture similar relationships. They highlight the benefits of such international collaborations and also the challenges faced. Enter the 2015 Green Talents Competition Enter the 2015 Green Talents Competition Tuesday, May 19, 2015 The Green Talents Competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is searching for up-and-coming scientists in the field of sustainable development. Selected as one of the 25 awardees you are invited to visit the hot spots of German sustainability research and establish a unique network with peers and experts. The 2015 award includes: Orienteering for Industry, a career guide Orienteering for Industry: How to Study Up, Stand Out and Get a Job Download May 4, 2015 Wonder how to transition from academia to industry? Wish you could stand out from the competition?  Download this free, 30-page career booklet for the latest information on successful job hunting in industry. You'll discover how to rebrand yourself, look for hidden jobs, give great interviews and fine-tune your career goals. Plus, you’ll hear from entrepreneurs, recruiters, and industry leaders, who share their personal insights on what it takes to succeed in industry. Special features include: Careers in biostatistics: Where big data and bioscience meet Careers in biostatistics: Where big data and bioscience meet Driving Force May 8, 2015 The ease of collecting data in recent years has inspired a variety of fast-growing, cross-disciplinary fields. With a projected growth of as much as 27 percent by the year 2022, biostatistics touches on many realms of science, with an unlimited number of applications and job functions in private industries, government labs and academia. It attracts those who want to apply a love of math to a career with a direct impact on public health. NextGen VOICES survey: Is the idea of the postdoc position obsolete in today's scientific landscape? Monday, April 13, 2015 Don’t miss the new NextGen survey, specifically on postdocs! Is the idea of the postdoc position obsolete in today's scientific landscape? If so, what should replace it? If not, what one change would you make to improve it? A selection of the best responses will be published in the 3 July 2015 issue of Science. Please submit your response by 15 May. Unconscious gender bias persists in science Driving Force April 10, 2015 A half-century ago, the renowned social anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote: Take our Science Careers annual top employers survey Take our Science Careers annual top employers survey Tuesday, April 7, 2015 In the past few weeks we sent you an invitation to participate in this survey designed to identify the best employers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Over 3,000 individuals have already participated. But frankly, the more respondents, the more meaningful the results can be for you. And you can help by completing our survey. Are core American values an advantage in the R&D workplace? Driving Force May 8, 2015 A recent editorial with the unfortunate title, “Why America’s Obsession with STEM Education is Dangerous,” nevertheless offers a cross-cultural perspective that has been missing from the national conversation on STEM as preparation for careers, a relentlessly innovative economy, and what is lost in the process. Two contradictions feed the backlash by some against STEM. One is an alleged imbalance of emphasis on STEM versus liberal-arts education—a false dichotomy if there ever was one. The other is the disconnect between U.S. preeminence in innovation, research and development on the one hand, and our students’ lagging international rankings on math, science, and reading tests on the other.  When scientists have to pay out of pocket to do their jobs When scientists have to pay out of pocket to do their jobs Driving Force April 6, 2015 Recent discussions on Twitter and science blogs show that scientists often pay for necessary professional expenses with their own money. This unfortunate expectation hurts students and weakens the pool of potential scientists by weeding out those with fewer resources.     Sharpen Your Grantsmanship Skills Podcast January 00, 1970 Let’s face it, if you’re a PI juggling teaching and research, among various other duties, writing a grant proposal can feel like a burdensome, daunting imposition on your time. But it doesn’t have to be! Available on-demand, this discussion on grantsmanship will have you working smarter, not harder.