New $1.5 million award for scientists working on big data

Thursday, January 9, 2014
New $1.5 million award for scientists working on big data
(From© 2014 Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced an open call for applications for its brand-new Data-Driven Discovery Investigator competition. The foundation’s science program expects to offer about 15 awards this year to selected investigators at ~$1.5 million each ($200-300K/year for five years).
This represents a major investment—likely the largest private investment—in individuals who are pushing the frontiers of a new kind of data-driven science—inherently multidisciplinary, combining natural sciences with methods from statistics and computer science. The competition seeks innovators with bold ideas and a willingness to strike out in new directions and take risks with the potential for huge payoffs in data-intensive science.
To submit your application today!

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