AAAS MemberCentral is the community website serving the over 120,000 worldwide members of the AAAS.

Launched in late 2010, the website was originally envisioned as one of AAAS’s many exclusive membership benefits. Through an extensive array of blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars, members can discover the passion, energy, and talent that motivate their colleagues as well as learn from each other. 

MemberCentral staff and contributors have also shown a dedication to covering the issues that matter most to AAAS members. From science policy to public engagement, they have provided insights and analysis along a range of cutting-edge topics.  
Recently, we adjusted the access rules for MemberCentral. As a result, AAAS is now making select materials freely available to the general public. 

We arrived at this decision to after careful consideration, and in consultation with a large and diverse group of AAAS members. During these discussions we learned that AAAS members view public engagement as a critical issue, and that AAAS needs to invest in new ways to help non-scientists understand the benefits of basic and applied research.  

Given its focus on AAAS members and their work, MemberCentral is a natural platform for extending AAAS’s existing public engagement efforts. By making selected items free to everyone, AAAS is now able to use the words and ideas of AAAS members to more broadly communicate the value of science.

Even with this change, MemberCentral remains as a significant member benefit. The majority of MemberCentral is exclusive to AAAS members, including multiple blogs, new videos, archived webinars, PDF downloads from the Resource section, and much more. And in the works, and just for members, a new discussion tool built around AAAS’s topic specific sections.

We would love to hear from you about ways that we can improve the site and continue adding value to your membership. If you have any questions or comments about MemberCentral, or any other aspect of AAAS membership, please feel free to contact AAAS Director of Marketing Ian King at iking@aaas.org.

Thank you for visiting MemberCentral. Together we can continue making a difference.